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Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 7

 Sartaj, where are you? Get out of there. Don't fuck around. Get ahold of yourself, or you'll end up in the small arms unit. You can sit and clean revolvers for a month. Sir, this is the same guy. Malcolm Mourad. He was with the GIA in Algeria. Then he disappeared for 12 years. He was seen in Peshawar five years ago. Germany detained him for two years for making dirty bombs. First Gaitonde, and now Malcolm Mourad is in India. Whose number do you need, sir? Zoya Mirza's.  Did you find anything?  No. Check the calls she made this afternoon. She must have called Parulkar at around 2:30 p.m. Is this the one? No. Show me Parulkar's call records. Parulkar's? Yes, Parulkar's. 

sacred games

The file that Jojo had is now with me. It contains everything, from Gaitonde to Pakistan. Tell me when you want to meet. What do you want, Inspector? How do you know Gaitonde? He produced my first movie. Did he pay for your surgery? Only my acting fees. When was the last time you saw him? You must have made copies of this file. Now you can blackmail me forever. Blackmailers don't talk facetoface. When did you last see him? A week before he died. Where? I don't know. It was dark. He took me somewhere. What did you talk about? 

He asked if I had betrayed him too. Betrayed how? I don't know. He was acting strange. He seemed depressed, or maybe he was scared. Who was Gaitonde scared of?  I don't know.  Did he talk about an attack on Mumbai? Or about a consignment that was on the way? He told me to leave Mumbai.  Why?  I just told you! He was saying weird strange things. "Everyone will die except Trivedi." Do you know Trivedi? Have some news for you. Trivedi. Celibate since birth. A bureaucrat who drank five glasses of milk every day. He dreamed of changing the country's future. Nobody knew much about him. He was my third father's follower. He would touch his feet and seek blessings. Bless me, Guruji. It's time you stopped with all this deference. What can be done? 

Old habits die hard. What time of year is it?  It's the monsoon season  No, no, the date. August 10th, 1992. The wheel is turning. Only 25 years are left. The times will change. Twenty five years?  But, Guruji, I thought  Mr. Trivedi for the universe, 25 years go by in the blink of an eye. That's it. Revolution will come when we have our people  on foreign lands too.  Yes, Guruji. Did you find anyone? That's why I am here. I have someone in mind. Sir, this is our staff. We've reserved the hotel just for you. This way, sir. Eat. Are you fasting?  

No.  Then eat. Why are you picking at your food? Come on, eat. Eat. This is kharvas. Try it. It's made from a cow's colostrum. You can taste the sacrifice in it.  Have some.  Okay. Try some for me. I won't eat either. Here is your bow and arrow! You're not on the battlefield.  Hey, Bhonsle.  Mr. Ganesh. Welcome. Please take a seat, ma'am. Hey, get some chairs. Please come. Mr. Trivedi? This is Ganesh Ganesh Gaitonde.  Ganesh!  Mr. Ganesh. Ganesh the way you radiate power and strength it feels like Lord Shiva has been reborn. Only once in a lifetime does God manifest himself like this. I'm sure he gives you a headsup before coming. Sir, he has a strong connection with God. He's a famed scholar.  No.  A man of extraordinary devotion. 

He performs holy rituals. Very impressive.  No  Listen, Bhonsle.  I have a lot to do in very little time.  Yes. Let's skip the small talk. That's not up to you. It's all predestined. What do you want? Your support. To help our people grow. To spread our wings.  "Our," as in?  Well, our community. We are just servants. Bhonsle, I don't get him.  You talk in riddles.  Yes. I prefer to keep things simple. Okay. Let's get straight to business. Look, it's a big job. And it's a huge responsibility. It's time to go overseas. India is going to turn into a battlefield. And we need a general.  Two things, Mr. Trivedi.  Yes? First, Bombay gave me all I have. I'll never leave it. 

And second, imagine two ducks in front of a duck, and two ducks behind a duck. Tell me, how many are there in total? Well, how many? It's simple. There are three ducks. If you talk in riddles, I'll shove all three ducks up your ass. You'll be eating and shitting from the same hole.  I'll be off now.  Ganesh  Such a waste of time.  Ganesh  He's an important man.  So am I.  Sir Let her eat.  Come on!  Let her eat the jalebis.  Just pack them up.  Hail Lord Rama!  Hail Lord Rama! You ate so many jalebis.  What?  How many did you eat? Tell me. Twelve. Gopalmath's mosquitoes are going to get diabetes tonight. Tell me something. If you're so fond of sweets why didn't you eat the kharvas? Well when I was young, we would get kharvas for the Lord Ganesha festival. I could smell it the moment it entered the house. We were not allowed to eat it. It was only for God. But I would devour it in my dreams. I'd imagine its heavenly taste. It was perfect. That's why I didn't eat it. 

I thought it wouldn't live up to the kharvas of my dreams. Trivedi asked me to leave India but my heart was in Bombay. Yet my Bombay was about to change. "In 25 years, everything will change." That is what my third father said. And with the fall of the Babri Mosque, the 25yearcycle began. Lord Rama was born there. That's what the priests said. Babur built a mosque on it 465 years ago. The plan was to demolish it and build a temple instead. The HinduMuslim riots began. To avenge the demolition, Isa bombed Bombay. The whole city turned into a graveyard. 

The people of Gopalmath needed me. I don't need your money! Go buy your men some balls instead. Tell them to kill ten Muslims for every Hindu killed! Look! My son's legs are broken! Look! Look! He lost his legs in the bomb blast. What can I do? I'm not God. I can't give him his limbs back. People are coming from all over Bombay to meet you and you're sitting here in Gopalmath.  There must be a reason  What reason? They are all shitscared. Cowards. Only the weak need God. Being weak is not a crime. Religion is the biggest business in the world. 

They use the fear of God to rule over people. The poor don't fear God. They love him. He gives them strength. This business that you speak of, it's only for the rich and powerful. All the poor do is struggle. They wash people's cars, houses and toilets. They're only welcomed at the temples. They play loud music and dance during the festivals, not to please God but to enjoy their one day of freedom. They're not allowed inside dance clubs, so they make the city their dance floor. They feel like they belong here, like they're equals. They feel like they're not fuckwits, they're humans. Where's Gaitonde? Wait, wait. Which police station are you from?  

Hey!  Wait. Where's Gaitonde? Call him. He's not here. Cover him. Motherfucker! Bunty! Bunty! They weren't cops. Who were they? That motherfucker Isa's men, boss! Okay. Both of my legs are gone, boss. Subhadra. Subhadra. What did Lord Rama do when Ravana abducted Sita?  He sent Hanuman.  Yes. He sent Hanuman, right? And then Hanuman set Lanka on fire. Then what did Lord Rama do? He killed Ravana. Yes. When Isa killed Subhadra, he awoke the Hindu in me. Isa left for Dubai after the bombings. His business was done here, but he took his revenge before he left. It was my turn now. Subhadra was innocent.

 So I chose the innocent and killed them. Isa had nothing to do with them, but I killed them anyway. The people of Gopalmath had been demanding revenge on the Muslims for a long time, but my vengeance was only for Subhadra. All of Isa's men have been killed. Abdul, Langur, that motherfucker Ghaslet's brothers, Moinuddin, Bajil, Zia, all of them. Is that all, fucker? Boss? Burn down the entire slum. No one should be able to escape.

 Let those bastards burn in their own hell. Motherfuckers. Okay, boss. Let's go. Motherfuckers. But people thought I had avenged all of them. By taking innocent lives, I became their god. But Subhadra was gone forever. To avenge her murder, I killed 80 Muslims in one night. But she wasn't coming back. No one had ever done this in Bombay. I knew the cops would come for me. Please place the flowers here. We will complete the ritual now. Your hand Back then, I had no idea that Trivedi was involved in this mess. But the very first time I saw his face, I knew this man was a dog. Anything goes wrong this time and I'm out. Did you understand? 

Would you like anything? One black tea, please. Why did you do this? Do you know the motto of the Mumbai Police? Sadrakshanay Khalnigranay. Protect the law, destroy evil. Nayanika She did not get justice. It was my fault. My stupidity. I should have told you. Do you know what our motto is? We protect those who protect the law. 

So our mottos are similar. What's the latest intel? Jojo Mascarenhas used to send Zoya Mirza to Gaitonde. Gaitonde made her a movie star. She saw one guy meeting Gaitonde frequently. Safari suit, bureaucratic type. He got Zoya's fake passport made with just one call to the embassy. Some IFS type. Trivedi. Did she specifically say "IFS"? She said "IFS type." She wasn't sure.  What did he talk to Gaitonde about?  

They never spoke in front of her. They ran a company together. Blue Global. An NGO. It must be a shell company. It's been in the news lately. It sends water tankers to droughthit areas. Could those be the tankers Malcolm was emptying at the warehouse? They have to be. This place is filled with trash. Why did you run? Why is this place shut? We were told that the work was done. We work on a project basis. We're done for this year. What project? Are these your company balance sheets?  Yes.  What? Yes. Where are the tankers? They've gone to the home minister's droughtrelief program. 

It's all official. You can't do this. What do the tankers carry? It's not watermelon juice, obviously. It's water.  Water?  Why are you hitting me? Why don't you go check? Where would we do that? Where? Something's fishy.  What?  The NGO is pretty old, but there's been no funding for the last 1012 years. Before that, the funds came from the Czech Republic for three years, from Egypt for two years, and from Uganda for three years. Hello? Yes, Sandeep, listen. Make a list of all the IFS postings from 1996 to 2006, and see if there's a guy called Trivedi in there. Hey, Parulkar, what is your inspector doing?  

What is he up to?  What happened, sir? I'll tell you what happened! He came to my NGO and hit the manager. What was he doing there?  I'll look into it.  Get looking! We'll parade you naked around the city, bastard! Sartaj, where are you? I'm doing my job, sir. I suggest you do the same. Earn some good karma. Look over there. Shit. Get up!  Let's go.  Get them! Sartaj, give me the gun!  The gun! Give it to me! 

 They'll kill you! Move back! Move back! I said, move back! Life has taught me one thing. When you think you're headed to heaven you often end up in hell. Do you want to die, asshole? You're not scared? That name on your tag Dwivedi. Oh, you're finally done jerking off. Keep your men in check. Bastard! Tie him up. Have you lost it? Think this over.  Hey!  Come on! Mr. Parulkar, have you been sleeping with Isa? Did he bathe you spray you with perfume, and send you here? 

I'd never felt so lonely in my life. But in that hell, our fates were bound together like iron and a magnet, Sartaj. While all those bastards tortured me, a kind man offered me water. A messenger of God in the kingdom of Satan. Your father, Dilbagh Singh. Get inside or I'll shoot you. Get inside! Get inside! No, ma'am Tell me. I found a guy who was in the Czech Republic for three years, in Egypt for two, and  Trivedi?  No, Sharma. It's the same guy.  Where is he?  In Mumbai.  Mumbai?  Yes. Send me the address!

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